8 Things You Should Know About Being A New Mom

Being a new mom is awesome…ly hard. With all of the classes, books, and tips they give you before the baby comes you would think hospitals would have a newborn crash course where they spend another 9 months teaching both you and your new baby how to coexist. But once that bundle of joy pops out of your body you are expected to already be a pro at things you have never actually experienced like breastfeeding, changing diapers on your protesting subject, and somehow stopping the blood curdling screams of a person you just met. While I won’t be able to physically help you through these hurdles I can hopefully offer up some comfort (or maybe just a good laugh) as I share with you what I learned about being a new mom from my own personal experience.


Believe it or not, you will find that you’re crying almost as much (if not more) than your newborn. You’re going to feel like this means that you’re a bad mother or that you don’t love your baby the way you’re “supposed” to. That’s not true. It’s just that breastfeeding is hard, sleep is scarce, and I SAID I NEEDED A COTTON SWADDLE, NOT THE POLYESTER!


Don’t worry.

Everyone has spent the last 9 months with your hormonal ass so they’ll be able to handle a few more weeks of it.

And it will pass.


I mentioned this after I had Declan, but I feel like it is not talked about enough. 5-10 lbs. of human just came out of your who-haw. Or even harder, if you had a c-section then you just went through major surgery. You will quite literally be crab walking around your home for a few weeks wearing nothing but sweat pants and maxi skirts. Did I mention the disposable shorts they call underwear and dinosaur sized pads they give you?

20140529-211355-76435872.jpg Source

And while I wish I could tell you that you’ll look as good as she does in these bad boys 24 hours postpartum, the truth of the matter is you’ll probably be looking more like this:


But the good news is that as your uterus shrinks back down to normal size you will start to see that go down.


No, not “I partied on a Sunday until 3 am and I have to be at work by 6 am for a day full of meetings” tired. I’m talking about a whole new bonus level of exhaustion that you didn’t even know existed. One where you legitimately wonder how you have not died yet because it does not seem physically possible to survive off of such little energy.


It will be overwhelming and at times you won’t know how you’re going to make it through the day, but on the plus side you will have made a new best friend: Coffee. Coffee will become your very best friend.


I don’t care who you are or what you claim now. Once you have that adorable babe in your arms you will find yourself physically unable to keep your thumb off of the camera button on your phone. The real struggle will then be to stop yourself from Instagraming each and every shot you take. Because your child is the cutest baby you have ever seen in your life and you want to make the world a better place by plastering that adorable smile all over it.




“When I had my kid…” is going to become the most popular starter sentence you will ever hear. Most of the time people mean well but it does get exhausting having everyone try to tell you how to raise your child. They will tell you that you are spoiling your baby, not holding them right, or that you need to let them cry. Take it all with a grain of salt and remember that nobody knows your baby like you do and no two kids are the same so what worked for them might not work for you and that’s okay.


What color is a newborn’s poop supposed to be?

Why does my baby cry so much?

If my baby is exposed to rock music will they grow up to rebel against authority?

Can you die from hearing a newborn cry too much?


You get my drift.


It’s not your fault you made a super baby, am I right?

But after spending twenty minutes babbling about the cute way your little one blinks and eats and shits you will notice that your company may look a little less excited than you.


But hey, you’re totally allowed to be annoying right now.

Just make sure to remember to ask them about their lives too.


Before your newborn baby it was like,


But now that you have that bundle of joy in your arms, your life will be more like this:


Nobody said you had to give up everything, right?!



Surviving Your Friend’s Pregnancy

Let’s face it:
When you get pregnant it affects everyone.
And while it would be awesome if all your friends and family were on the same level of excitement (and misery) as you, it would also be kind of creepy.
It’s like I’m growing a baby right along with you.

Um, no.

But while this post is about you mama, it isn’t for you.
This one goes out to everyone who has been personally victimized by their friend’s pregnancy.
Aka, all of my friends during mine.


It will start as all days do.
You’ll probably be milking a hangover as you eat a bagel and casually scroll Facebook from the comfort of your bed when you see a post that will stop you in your tracks.

Our family is expanding by two feet!

And then there were three!

We’re pregnant!

You immediately begin the five stages of grief.

Denial: OMG I knew it! I’m so happy for her!

Anger: Wait a minute. Why didn’t she tell me before she announced it on Facebook? What a bitch, she had better not expect me to come to the baby shower.

Bargaining: I should get her a bottle of wine so that she has to drink it with me when she pops that thing out!

Depression: I’m going to end up owning 25 cats and knitting them all sweaters for the harsh California winters.

Acceptance: It’s just a baby. Not like she’s going to change into a completely different person or something.

But of course you’re wrong.
Very, very wrong.

You will start to notice that it physically pains her to talk about anything other than her growing spawn.

And you’re like…

She will begin several sentences by saying,
“I know this is really gross and you probably don’t want to hear it, but…”

Every time you blink there will be a new photo shoot.

She will invite you to her baby gender reveal party and you will secretly wonder why on earth anyone would have an entire event surrounded around finding out what the sex of their baby is.

And you will never look at her the same way again if she makes it a dry party.

Speaking of, “parties” with her will never last past 7:00 pm.

Your days of splitting a cheat dessert after dinner will be long gone.
You turn your head for a moment to grab your fork and she’s already devoured the entire cheesecake slice and now she’s crying uncontrollably because it’s all gone.

Did I mention she will tell you that she misses caffeine every single time she sees you?

When the infamous baby shower comes, you will be at a loss on what to get her.

Does this present say, “Nope. Not bitter at all that I lost my Taco Tuesday PIC.”

And when she finally pops that monster out she will expect you to come to the hospital to visit this weird creature that you have no real attachment to.

You’ll look that little baby in the eyes and uncomfortably say the first thing that comes to mind.

Everyone will laugh, completely unaware that you were 100% serious and your new mom friend will put that tiny little being in your arms.

You’ll be terrified that any move you make will snap it’s neck and put you on death row.

He/She will lock eyes with you and look directly into your soul.

You’ll want to look away because there is way too much shit in there that is not child friendly, but you will find yourself mesmerized by those tiny little eyes attached to that tiny little body.
And for a moment, you will completely get why people decide to have kids.

When the baby is done uncovering your deepest darkest secrets they will then cleanse you of your sins by vomiting all over you.

This will snap you out of your trance and you will be free to leave.

Congratulations, you survived!

Now go enjoy your baby-free life with a trip to the movies.
Or a theme park.
Or a smokey bar with a regular named Patty.
The childless world is your oyster my friend.


Traveling With A Declan


No, I didn’t abandon my blog, I’ve been on vacation!
We spent ten days in North Carolina visiting Derek’s family.
It was cold but as beautiful as ever and it even snowed a little.
Traveling with a baby for the first time was definitely an experience though.
Vacations take on a whole new meaning with a Declan along for the ride.
I would say “a baby” but my son doesn’t seem to fall into the category of a baby so he gets his own.
Surprisingly the flights weren’t bad.
I planned for him to be a monster and had earplugs with chocolate on hand for surrounding passengers but they ended up not needing them.
The two hour drive from Charlotte to Etowah, North Carolina however, was a different story.
Declan just hates the car seat with a fiery passion of a thousand suns.
I had to put my head near his and sing to him while rubbing his scalp for him to calm down even a little bit.
The trip itself was good overall.
His smile is infectious and people stop to chat him up anywhere we go.
And ten days at my in-laws gave Declan plenty of time to bond with his nanny and grampy.
But with new surroundings and spending a lot of time with everyone came a new, stronger sense of clinginess.
And naturally, he clung to me.
I love my son with every fiber of my being.
But not being able to get up and grab a water without him screaming began to take its toll on me.
Because he was so overstimulated he would also nurse all night long leaving me sleepless almost every night.
At one point I asked my mother and father in law to watch Declan while Derek and I went to the store.
The minute we got into the car Derek said,
“Go ahead and cry baby. Let it out. I know that’s why you wanted to go.”
I broke down.
Through my tears I confessed:
“I’ve been turning the fan on when I pee just so I can drown out the crying and breathe for one minute. How sad is that?!”
I felt so drained, so defeated in that moment and I wondered how I was going to make it through the rest of our trip.
Fortunately I have Derek.
He massaged my head, told me I’m a good mama, and then proceeded to make me laugh the way only he can.
And just like that I had strength again.
I think sometimes the best thing you can do for a parent is let them know that they’re doing a good job.
Because in the sea of salty crocodile tears, fighting to change dirty diapers, and banshee screams your confidence as a parent can easily get lost.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to read other blogs and see other babies so calm, so “normal.”
I have to remind myself that there is no such thing and that we truly are lucky that Declan is the way he is, even though it might not always feel that way.
Having a hyperactive infant is so challenging but it is also so rewarding.
He has such a strong personality that is so uniquely him and it is incredible to watch the way he processes and responds to everything.
But on the days where it’s rough I try to remember that this is temporary and that one day we will look back and laugh about these times.

And because I’m so excited that I was able to catch it on video, here is Declan giggling to lighten this blog post up :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Having a Baby: Declan’s Birth

I’ve been trying to write this post for days now but Declan has been going through an “I need to eat for hours at a time” phase and so it’s been difficult to get my hands free long enough to type it out.
Luckily I’ve got the baby in his Moby wrap sleeping, coffee in hand, and I’m ready to tell you a story.
Let’s begin shall we?

The story of Declan’s birth actually begins on Friday June 21, the same day we got the keys to our new house.
Around 11:30 am I began having contractions which I didn’t give much thought to.
Still I decided I should probably start timing them and to my surprise they were 10-15 min apart lasting about 35-46 sec each.
At about 9pm I finally decided to call the nurse hotline to see if it was normal to be having such consistent contractions, particularly because they weren’t painful.
She informed me that she thought I was in early labor and to come in once my contractions were 5 min apart lasting over 1 minute for over an hour.
The very next day was moving day and Derek stayed at the old house to wait for the movers while I went over to the new house with my mom to start unpacking some stuff and wait for the direct tv and television installers to come.
The entire day I was having contractions 3-5 min apart lasting about 1:30 min each but still no real pain with them, more like a discomfort/pressure.
Nothing went as planned that day, what with the installs taking over 3 hours and the movers being 4 hours late to our house.
By the time Derek got to the new house it was 6pm and we decided to head down to the hospital since my contractions were so close together.
There we found out I was only 1-2 cm dilated but they said that based on the consistency of my contractions they predicted Declan would be here no later than Monday and to come back once I had pain.
Based off that information we decided to go ahead and tell Derek’s mom and step dad to book their plane tickets and head on out.
They arrived Sunday evening and my contractions were still happening every 3-4 min.
Fast forward to Tuesday and still no baby.
By this point I had been having contractions that were less than 5 min apart lasting 1-1:30 min for 4 days and now they were starting to hurt too.
We ended up back at the hospital only I to be told again that I was not 3 cm yet and be sent home.
I broke down in the room.
How in earth was I supposed to know when it was the real thing when my contractions have been textbook consistent?
My body had been telling me it’s go time for over 4 days, I hadn’t gotten any sleep thanks to contractions, and I was both mentally and physically exhausted.
They ended up giving me a shot to help me sleep and sent me on my way.
The midwife said:
This will help you get some rest and once your body has been allowed to do such it will either cause the contractions to subside or it will kick your labor into high gear.

I woke around 5 am on June 26th and went to the bathroom.

It was then that I lost my mucus plug and from there everything began to quickly escalate.

By 8 am I was in severe pain having contractions every 2 minutes and I had to be wheeled into the hospital because I couldn’t walk.

When they told me I was only 3 cm dilated I felt so defeated.

The pain was excruciating and there was no way I was going to be able to have my baby medication free.

It took another hour and a half to actually get the epidural and by then I had been having these intense, 2 min apart contractions for over 4 hours.

When the anesthesiologist finally came in I hung my head and let him do the epidural.

I was feeling really down on myself until he looked over at the monitor and exclaimed:

“Whoa! Your contractions are off the charts. It’s a good thing you are getting this.”

Realizing that what I was experiencing was not normal for 3 cm made me feel so much better.

Derek said I was a completely different person when he was let back into the room after the epidural insertion.

My body was progressing naturally so there was no interference after that, we just let nature take its course.

By noon my water had broke and at about 7:30 pm they turned off the epidural and had me start pushing.

The staff had just done a shift change and I was nervous about delivering with a brand new midwife when I had been with the same one all day.

That is, until I saw my midwife walk into the room.

By pure chance she happened to be working and so I got to have my delivery with the same woman I had been seeing since I found out I was pregnant.

The next hour and a half I pushed.

I pushed until I thought the blood vessels on my face were going to pop.

The epidural had worn off around 40 minutes in so I felt everything,

Derek decided he wanted to be as involved as possible and so he coached me, held my leg, and let me know what was working and what wasn’t.

Having him so involved was such a blessing and made us even closer as a couple going through something so intimate together.

Finally we were one push left.

Declan finally made his entrance into this world at 9:11 pm and in that moment when I got to grab him and help bring him up to my chest, time stopped.

  Unfortunately I found time abruptly starting up again as what was supposed to be my bonding time with my baby became a team of doctors taking him and trying to see what was wrong.
He was pink and healthy.
His pulse was good, his oxygen levels just fine, but he wasn’t crying.
  Actually he was, but not to the degree they want them to and the grunt he was making indicated that he perhaps got something in his right lung that needed clearing.
In this moment all of the color and sound was sucked out of the atmosphere and I felt like I was in an old black and white silent film.
I couldn’t do anything but sit there helplessly and watch as they tried over and over again to get a good cry out of him to clear that lung.
Normally I would never show a picture like this of myself, but it’s Derek’s favorite as he said is shows everything you need to know about the moment.
“Your only focus is him. It’s like all the pain and exhaustion just disappeared and he is the only thing you care about.”
     Finally, they allowed him to come and lay with me and almost an hour after my baby was born I was finally able to see his face.
I marveled at how much he looked like his dad and time stood still once again.
That is, until less than 5 minutes later when he was again out of my arms and this time, on his way to NICU.
   By 12am I was more physically and emotionally drained than I have ever been in my entire life, but I wasn’t concerned with that because they were finally taking me to visit my son.
The intensive care unit for babies was both intimidating and heartbreaking.
I saw babies all around me covered in tubes, noticeably premature, and worse.
When the nurse began to wheel me over to Declan I prepped myself to see my son in a likened condition to the others.
But there he was simply laying on a open bed, not a single tube attached, just resting.
It felt hard to believe that there was even anything wrong with him when you looked at him.
I placed my finger in his hand, stroked his face, and said a little prayer.
Before I knew it my 5 minutes were up and I was being shipped off yet again.
The next hours felt like the longest of my life.
When we reached my new room the nurse suggested that Derek and I get some sleep.
 But sleep proved to be impossible with nurses coming in every 30-45 minutes and being so worried.
I finally dosed off for about an hour and around 6:30 am I heard a knock on our door followed by a woman saying:
“Knock, knock! We have a delivery for you.”
I exclaimed. is it my baby?!
And there he was.
My perfect little 7 lb. 13 oz. 21 inches long son.
They finally handed him to me and the color came back into the room.

Yes, those are tears in his eyes.

Looking at him.

Looking at his dad.

I now knew my purpose in this world.

Our road was a long one and it was not easy.

I did not have a picture perfect pregnancy or delivery.

My body, my mind, and my soul worked hard for my son.

And for me, that just makes his existence all the more treasured.

Declan Lael Franklin, your journey is just beginning.

I can’t wait to see where this life takes you.

All My Love,








I know I’ve been pretty M.I.A. recently [posting only my weekly updates] but I promise that will be changing very shortly!

For now, let’s dive into another week in the life of a pregnant woman shall we?

**Note: I am actually 38 weeks today. All posts will be a week behind**






I have been trying to get video of Declan moving around this entire pregnancy with very little success.

It’s like he somehow knows the second I hit record and decides to stop moving, only to start up again the minute I give up.

I was finally able to capture him this week and even though it is only a fraction of the actual movement, I wanted to share it so you could see exactly what it looks like to have an alien baby moving around inside of you at this stage.

Now imagine that continuously for hours because that’s pretty much what he does all day long.



I’m going to be honest here.

Derek and I have “celebrated” Father’s/Mother’s Day for the past three years.

After all, we’ve had Tucker that long and he was our first fur child.

But this year it felt special knowing that in just a few short weeks our son would be in our arms.

Derek is the very definition of a good man.

One time we were at a restaurant and he overheard a conversation the table behind us was having.

Within minutes it was clear that these were two people from a local AA or NA club and that the woman [a member herself] was counseling this man, clearly new to the program.

Without hesitation or prompting, Derek called our server over and asked for their bill to be given to us.

He paid it anonymously and we left without them ever knowing.

I like that example because to me, it is the very embodiment of goodness.

I’m so proud to call this man my husband and I know that Declan is going to grow to be a good man because he has Derek as an example to live by.





Welcome to the chaos that is my home right now.

We were told we were getting our keys on the 7th, then the 10th, then the 12th, 14th, 17th, and now the 20th.

It’s been a nightmare to say the least, but what’s worse than not having keys yet is the fact that we literally packed almost everything.

So I can’t cook because everything from our pans to our seasonings are packed away.

I can’t read because our books are tightly tucked into this mess of boxes.

I can’t even paint my nails or curl my hair because  [you guessed it!] my nail polish and curling iron are lost in the abyss.

We have had to change our delivery date for our new furniture twice now as well as call back all utility companies and request extra weeks of service so that we at least have running water and electricity.

To say I am ready to get our keys tomorrow would be a vast understatement and unfortunately it’s looking like it’ll be pushed back yet another day.



I went my entire pregnancy without a single stretch mark.

That is, until about 3 weeks ago.

All of a sudden a single mark popped up out of nowhere and I freaked.

I went out and bought $50 stretch mark cream because “clearly what I’m using already isn’t working”.

Well in the last week and a half that single stretch mark has reproduced and created a little family along my lower belly.

I had a complete and total melt down on Monday over it.

And then I composed myself and remembered that it shouldn’t matter.

Realistically, with a watermelon sized child inside of me and an even bigger uterus to accommodate it’s crazy to think that everyone doesn’t get marks.

Why do we hold onto so many superficial ideals, especially while creating a life inside of us?

I can’t gain more than 20 lbs.

I can’t get stretch marks.

I have to have a pregnancy that makes everyone around me impressed.

Somehow we let these things define us during this precious time in our lives and it’s awful.

I’m beyond grateful for my son’s existence and at the end of the day he is more than worth every mark, every pound, and every discomfort.



Nothing new to report.

Still wanting ice cream on the daily.



[Hopefully] getting all moved into our new house this weekend.

If you’re ever buying a house don’t use Wells Fargo Mortgage.

They are seriously horrible.




I’m so close!



I so hope this week ends with keys in our hands.

We knew that moving while in the third trimester was going to be stressful but nothing could have prepared us for the nightmare we’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks.

Literally it has been two weeks of paperwork processing that was supposed to be done in 2 days.

The delay has had no rhyme or reason to it and even our rep has admitted such.

Anyway, here’s to releasing that which you cannot control!


That was my breakfast this morning.

Have I mentioned how much I love maternity leave?

Well, at least the foodie portion of it.

36 weeks means I am officially nine months pregnant.

It also means that I am feeling huge and heavy and ready.

Everyone I know who was due before me have all had their babies so I’m next in line, making everything feel that much closer!

**Note: I’m actually 37 weeks today. All posts will be a week behind**






Everyone has their own idea of what “date night” consists of.

For us, it’s usually a homemade dinner and Redbox.

[Pre-pregnancy that would also include a bottle or two of wine]

It may seem simple and perhaps boring to some, but Derek really is my best friend and I really enjoying just relaxing and laughing at home with him.

But this weekend we decided it had been a while since we had gone out.

So I put on a dress, he put on a collared shirt, and we went to dinner and a movie.

Since our date nights are about to drastically change, it was nice to get an out-of-the-house one in before Declan gets here.



As you know, I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks now.

On Friday night, I started feeling what I thought were just more of them accompanied by stomach pains.

I assumed I had eaten something bad and sort of left it at that.

But then I started noticing that the pains were coming and going in waves.

This lasted on and off for about 3-4 hours.

Finally, I decided to ask an expert.

My dear friend Amanda has two kids and graciously gave me the green light to hound her for information day or night.

So around 11 pm I messaged her asking if she had ever experienced anything like that.

She responded:

“Those are contractions :)”

I was so excited but she cautioned me not to get my hopes up just yet.

Apparently she had them for three weeks before she finally had her daughters.

None the less it made me extremely happy to know that my body is officially in work mode.

I’ve been having them inconsistently everyday since, making me all the more anxious for true labor to begin!





As we were leaving the movie theater Saturday night, I began to have a contraction.

This one was in my back.

The pain was sharp and it took me by surprise.

I was mid sentence when I let out a “woah!” and leaned over to try and ease the pain.

Immediately Derek began to panic.

He looked like a deer in headlights as he began pacing and blurting out things like:

What are you doing?

This can’t be happening!

You can’t do this now!

We don’t even have our hospital bag with us!

The pain subsided and all we could do was laugh at how freaked out he became over the possibility of it being “the real thing”.

Derek then advised me that I need to have a gradual labor and can’t just jump into it like that.

I told him that Declan and I would work on it.




Last week this was in my “awesome” but this week I have a slightly different outlook.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love being able to meet with friends, go shopping, etc.

But those things only last for so many hours and the rest of the time I find myself scrounging for something to do.

Since we are in the process of moving, it’s not like I can organize or prepare freezer meals or any of those other things.

I’m a sitting duck in between homes and it’s making me restless and that much more anxious for Declan to get here.

Hopefully next week will be better since we will actually [for real this time] be moving in.



Still fighting off the usual ice cream/chocolate cravings.



Giving birth.

I’m so ready to have my baby in my arms!



Shaving without the struggle.



Hopefully next week I will be writing my bump-date from our new house!

Here’s to patience, which I’ll be needing a lot of to get through these next few weeks.


I went to my midwife appointment today and was very excited about it as I thought they were going to start checking my cervix or at the very least checking Declan’s size.

Come to find out, they don’t tell you any estimates on your baby’s size.

They also don’t check your cervix for dilation until you are 39 weeks.


I am really bummed out because it feels like everyone else at this point in their pregnancy was getting weekly updates on these things and I’ve been told that I’m going to be left in the dark.

Since this is my first full term pregnancy I have no idea what I’m doing.

And I felt so brushed off today when I was trying to get my questions answered.

I was the last patient of the day and I understand the urgency to get home.

But when I’m having symptoms that are stated in the Kaiser handbooks as pre-labor signs it’s really frustrating to then be told it’s nothing before I even finish explaining it.

And with that vent, let’s move on to happier things like the fact that my baby is almost here!

**Note: I’m actually 36 weeks today. All posts will be a week behind**






This weekend one of Derek’s little brothers from his fraternity got married and we were fortunate enough to be invited for the special day.

The wedding was on Sunday in Modesto which is a six hour drive from us, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.

My cousin lives in Fresno which is on the way to Modesto, so we stayed at my uncle’s house Saturday night and hung out with the family.

I loved catching up with everyone and just relaxing with my family.

Then on Sunday we headed off to the wedding which was fantastic.

It was really hot but I am so glad we were able to share in Kyle and Amy’s day with them!



We spent Monday driving home from Modesto so Tuesday was really my first official day of maternity leave in my eyes, and it was awesome.

Granted I did not relax at all and spent the day running errands, packing, and cleaning…

But I also got to wake up later than usual and go to breakfast with my best friend.

And really, having a full day to do whatever you want is a nesters dream!



Having this free time has also made it possible for me to really put a lot of thought and effort into what I want our new house to look like.

In true Pinterest fashion I made the collage above with all things I love for our new living room.

I am so excited to start!



We started noticing that Declan is hiccuping this week and it is the cutest thing ever.

He doesn’t seem to think the same though because after a few minutes he starts punching and squirming around as if to say:

“Make them stop!!”





This is more disappointing than awkward, but we were supposed to get our keys on Friday and now it’s been pushed back to next Wednesday.

They say it won’t be any later than that, but I’m bummed because we had everything all planned out and set for a move this weekend and that just further prolongs getting Declan’s room done.



In preparing for birth my body has taken on some very uncomfortable new symptoms.

The sporadic back pains have been getting considerable worse, my Braxton Hicks are much more frequent and strong, and now I’m having pelvic bone pains.

It’s pretty uncomfortable and sleep is non-existent, but I know it’s all just getting me prepped for my little love’s arrival so I’m trying not to let them get me down.




My mom bought a giant sheet cake for my brother’s graduation and we never ended up eating it.

I found myself at her house on Friday morning because I really wanted cake for breakfast.

Luckily my mom is the best and she had a slice with me so I wouldn’t feel so pathetic.



Finishing up our packing and then finally getting our keys next week.



Not looking like an 80 year old woman with back problems every time I stand up for too long.




Hope everyone has a great week.

Here’s to moving!


I meant to post this yesterday but my baby brother graduated high school and I spent the evening celebrating rather than blogging.

I promise I didn’t forget though, so here we go!

Time for another addition of “How much more can Andi’s belly possibly grow?!”

**Note: I’m actually 35 weeks today. All posts will be a week behind**






Moving has given us the opportunity to upgrade a lot of our furniture.

We’ve always had a queen sized bed which is squished enough between the three of us.

[Tucker insists on sleeping in bed with us and who are we to say no?]

With Declan almost here we decided it was time to move on up to a Cal-King so that our bed could properly accommodate all of us.

We also bought a new TV and dining room set.

Our wallets may be hurting but our house is going to look great.



Call me crazy, but I feel so prepared for birthing.

expect to have a smooth birth but I accept that anything can happen.

Before I took my prepared childbirth classes and started doing some relaxation techniques I was terrified.

Ring of Fire, Bloody Show, Labor.

All of these suggest something awful.

It’s no wonder women have such a horrifying experience.

They go into the situation already frightened of what is to come.

When I talk about birth now I feel so overcome with joy.

The fear of the process has melted away and I am ready to meet my baby.

I’ve heard a handful of horror stories [and I’m sure people will continue to tell them to me] but that was their birthing experience not mine, so there is no need to compare.





My belly has been low this entire pregnancy, making it extremely difficult to tell if I have “dropped” or not.

They say you will notice a space between your belly and your breasts, but I’ve had that space my entire pregnancy and can even still see my ribs.

However, the one thing that has dramatically changed in the past week leading me to believe that I have indeed dropped is the pressure on my bladder/pelvic bone.

When I go from a sitting to standing position I immediately have to pee, regardless of how long it’s been since I last did.

Also, I’ve started feeling like I have to almost lift my belly up to relieve the pressure.

It’s such a strange feeling and it makes going on hikes a nightmare.

I would know because we went on three over the weekend and every time I ended up spending over half of the hike holding my bladder because I had to pee so bad despite going right before we left.



It is beginning to appear more and more like Declan is as impatient as we are and may make his appearance before July 3.

Around Thursday I started experiencing some mild cramping which I didn’t think too much of.

That is, until I started noticing sporadic back pains too.

They haven’t been consistent enough to cause major concern but apparently my body is getting ready for labor.

We are just hoping he waits until 37 weeks when I’m full term so that there aren’t any health issues.



Still ice cream.

I blame the weather.



Friday is my last day or work!

I will officially be on maternity leave which is excited but also weird.

What am I supposed to do with all of that time?

[I guess the correct answer to that would be pack]



Berry wine spritzers.

The weather is so perfect for them.

Go have one in my honor!

Preferably by a pool or body of water.



Maternity Photo Overload

Hi guys!

Just wanted to stop in today with a picture post since we got our maternity photos.

Here are a few of my favorites.


I’m so happy with the way they turned out.

Thank you so much Theresia Villanueva Photography for once again capturing such a special time in our lives beautifully for us.

Annnnd that’s all I’ve got for you today!