31 Acts In 31 Days

I can always count on Derek to have good ideas.
Like building a bar around our hot tub or turning a salad into a sandwich with the side of bread they give you.
So when he randomly said to me the other day that I should do another round of my “30 Days of Deliberate Kindness” I was like:

So here we go!
Every day for the entire month of August (31 days) I will be doing a deliberate act of kindness.
Then I will share what I did each day at the beginning of September.


If you’ve never done something like this before or even if you have I encourage you to join in.
Sometimes we have to step outside of ourselves and remember that this world is so much bigger than us and our troubles.

I look forward to sharing with you in a month!

Steal Christmas Back 2013: Day Three

Hey guys!
This post is going to be short and sweet.
Looks like the Franklin clan is getting sick so I’m juggling the sniffles and a sick, extra needy little man.
But I wanted to pop in and share my deed for the day.


Today on our walk Declan and I put notes of encouragement on some of the cars parked on the street in the neighborhood.

How did you go out of the way to make someone else feel good today?
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