Meet Andi


I’m Andrea, preferably Andi (though my husband refuses to call me that).

  My husband Derek and I own a home in So Cal and have two Siberian Huskies, Calypso and Tucker. I also recently gave birth to the light of my life; our son Declan.

Few Things You Should Know About Me:

I cried in Rocky III

If you ask me for a piece of gum you will either get 1/4 pc. or 1/2 pc. if I am feeling generous. Yes, I ration my gum and you are no exception to my ways

I live on Cherry Chap Stick and no, I do not use it to kiss girls

My wedding was based off my cartoon favorite, “The Swan Princess”

I burn pumpkin scented candles all year long

I prefer beer over cocktails and wine

I do not eat crunchy, pointy, or “ugly” french fries

I know more about football than you. But seriously, I do

  My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (terminal cancer) in Spring 2009. She recently underwent a stem cell transplant in hopes of prolonging her next remission and potentially giving us several extra years with her. So yeah, that happened.

  After a crying outburst one night over my mom, I decided I needed to find a healthy outlet for my emotions so that I didn’t keep bottling them up and exploding. While I began this blog to cope with my mom’s condition, it has grown into much more. I hope you enjoy peeking into my life. The good, the bad, the ugly. Lives are worth sharing and I look forward to sharing mine with you.

Share with me! I love hearing from you.

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